Why Us?

Clarus Solutions is dedicated solely to helping businesses and communities maximize the multi-faceted benefits of WOTC. We work with your team to:

  • Maximize economic results for your business
  • Improve diversity within your workforce
  • Help people transition from dependence to self-sufficiency

We’ve developed a process for all businesses to take advantage of the financial benefits available.


Through an online survey, we’ll screen all applicants for eligibility.


We’ll communicate directly with your organization, so you’ll know right away which applicants qualify for the tax credit.


We’ll take care of certifying all eligible applicants, making sure your business is in compliance with all requirements necessary to receive benefits.


Our software tool will ultimately calculate the available tax credit, so your business sees the direct impact of hiring decisions on your bottom line.


Finally, we’ll continue to review your results finding any and all ways to increase your tax credit.

Our solution includes an electronic screening tool, all the back-end authorizations and is delivered with the forms necessary to claim the credit. All benefits are delivered without fixed costs, and fees are contingent upon certified tax credits.